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When Should You Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Written by admin. Posted in Hill and ponton, Social security benefits, Social security disability lawyer

Q: When is the best time to hire a social security disability attorney?

A: Ideally, a social security disability attorney would like to represent a claim from the first step in the process, which is the initial application process. The disability review process can take months and, sometimes, years. By representing a claim from the very first step, a social security disability attorney can assure that an application is submitted correctly and thoroughly and that all the supporting medical documentation and evidence has been provided in the most timely manner possible. That being said, many claimants submit the initial application themselves without the assistance of an attorney and wait to see if they are awarded benefits. The most common time for a claimant to hire a social security disability attorney is after he or she has been initially denied benefits. That is simply because many of those claimants anticipate that their claims will end up in the hearing process. A social security disability attorney is not required for a hearing, but is extremely beneficial. At any point in the disability review process (including before you initially apply), if you do not feel confident that you can handle what is required, it would be best to seek assistance from an attorney.

Q: Should you apply again after your application has been denied?

A: No, you should not simply apply again after your initial application was denied for social security disability benefits. The next appropriate step is to file for reconsideration. Since applying again will almost assuredly have the same outcome, doing so would only make the process longer for you. Follow the appeals process to have your claim reconsidered. If you are denied after reconsideration, appeal again by requesting a hearing. Do not just apply over and over again. If you have concerns about your application, missed an appeal deadline or do not know what your next steps are, speak with a social security disability attorney.

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